Riga ECOlogical

Green Breakthrough in Riga Wood Plywood Gluing Technology


Riga ECOlogical – new Lignin based glue for Riga Wood plywood

The environmentally friendly green glue “Riga ECOlogical”, where bio-based renewable lignin to a significant extent is used as a replacement for the traditional fossil phenol, is the latest move towards a new sustainable plywood industry by Latvijas Finieris. The innovative green glue is gradually replacing the traditional glues used in the production of Riga Wood plywood and has been successfully applied in various projects.

This technological breakthrough, reached in cooperation with Stora Enso, World Leader in Chemical and Mechanical Forest Industry, is the most significant innovation in Plywood products gluing since many decades. The carbon footprint of Riga Wood plywood is reduced from production to all its end-uses, offering to all Riga Wood customers a significant competitive advantage in the increasingly green business environment.

Results of Industrial production show that all technical properties of Riga Wood plywood remain unchanged when the environmentally friendly glue Riga ECOlogical is applied. Of course, it’s only the beginning. Our aim is to develop completely fossil free plywood glue in a future, although there is still a lot of research work ahead to achieve that, "Latvijas Finieris" international research and innovation project VIOBOND was made to achieve it.

This is Lignin

All Woods contain 20-30% of Lignin, a polymeric substance which together with Cellulose forms the woody cell walls of trees and binds together the wood fibers and cells. This strong and rigid structure allows the trees to stand and grow upright.

Industrial Lignin is usually extracted from wood as a powderous by-product in chemical "Kraft" Pulp production. Still until the 2000’s, the main use of Lignin has been energy production by burning, with calorific values comparable to carbon.

Lignin is a recyclable and ecologically friendly product, abundantly available in the entire world in trees and plants. Therefore, it has recently become important subject to active research, to develop new and more sophisticated uses for it. This rising technological wave with most promising results belongs today to the World’s Megatrends. Riga ECOlogical is one of them.  


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