Veneer log purchasing

We take care of the regeneration of forests, ensuring sustainability, and promoting environment-friendly forest management.

Information for Forest Owners


Prior to preparing an assortment, we kindly ask you to get acquainted with our quality requirements. We kindly ask the suppliers of veneer logs who are not certified and/or do not supply certified veneer log assortments to fill in and submit Timber Seller Self-declaration.

Price premium

We make a price premium for certified veneer logs (PEFC 100% certified): + EUR 1.50/m3.

Contact persons for purchasing in the forest near the road

In Vidzeme Ervins Svīķis, phone +371 26106237, in Kurzeme Artis Baraks, phone +371 29265634. In 2018th year summer and autumn veneer logs purchasing at the road is not active.

Additional information

Phone: +371 67067329, mobile phone: +371 26164638, +371 26476161, E-mail:

Actual information
Changes in purchase price in Verems

Changes in purchase prices of birch veneer logs in Verems SIA RSEZ as of 15 January 2018. The purchase of assortments of veneer logs with the nominal length 4.80 has commenced.

Changes in purchase prices in Bolderaja

Changes in purchase prices of birch veneer logs in log yard Bolderāja as of 10 January 2018.

Changes in purchase prices in Varini, Skrunda, Dižmežs, 4Plus

Changes in purchase prices of birch veneer logs in JSC Latvijas Finieris log yards Variņi, Skrunda, and also in log yards SIA Dižmežs and SIA 4 Plus as of 4 January 2018.

Supply contracts

Supply contracts regarding the purchase of birch veneer logs are concluded: In Verems SIA RSEZ log yard - supplies in a calendar month; in JSC Latvijas Finieris log yard Bolderāja - supplies per quarter, in calendar months. If the contract is fulfilled within the period and the total amount of supplies is within the +/- deviations specified in the contract, a premium in the amount of 6 % of the value of assortments supplied shall be calculated after the end of such period.

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