Veneer log purchasing

We take care of the regeneration of forests, ensuring sustainability, and promoting environment-friendly forest management.

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Information for Forest Owners


Prior to preparing an assortment, we kindly ask you to get acquainted with our quality requirements (since 01.01.2020. new). We kindly ask the suppliers of veneer logs who are not certified and/or do not supply certified veneer log assortments to fill in and submit Timber Seller Self-declaration.

Price premium

We make a price premium for certified veneer logs (PEFC 100% certified): + EUR 1.50/m3, if veneer logs received in logyards with sorting line.

Additional information

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Riga Wood - birch plywood produced only from legally sourced timber in the EU

Latvijas Finieris supports and follows the principles of sustainable entrepreneurship with respect towards biodiversity, human rights and international regulations.

All of the raw timber materials used for the production of Riga Wood birch plywood, are of legal origin and comply with the EU Timber Regulation and the Timber Purchasing Policy of Latvijas Finieris. The timber is sourced within the EU, specifically Scandinavia and those areas of the Baltic States, close to the Latvijas Finieris production Units in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland. Those are PEFC and FSC® - certified (FSC®C001599) and other controlled wood materials. 

Since 2021, Latvijas Finieris has only sourced from within the EU.

Actual information