Riga Dot

Birch plywood (Riga Ply) overlaid with a phenol, UV resistant or melamine film on both faces. The wear face has a special surface pattern (WT). Pattern gives dot effect. The reverse face usually is smooth (F).


Certificates and broshures
Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products

pdfPEFC certificate


CE Declarations of Performance



Product data sheets

pdfProduct data sheet Riga Dot


Technical information

pdfPlywood Handbook 2017


Policies and Declarations

pdfEnvironmental product declaration – RIGA plywood


  • Dark brown 120 and 220 g/m2 
    Light brown 120 g/m2
    Black 120 g/m2
    Yellow 167 g/m2
    Light grey 220 g/m2
    Opal white 174 g/m2
    White 200 g/m2 

    Under transparent films BB grade veneer can be applied.

  • A matt phenol, UV resistant or melamine film, which is hot-pressed onto the surface, is used as an overlay. The phenol film is composed of a basic paper which is impregnated with phenol resin. The UV resistant film is impregnated with a special thermosetting mixture of polymers containing amino resins. The melamine film is a modified resin based film with improved crack resistance for the decorative lamination of plywood. Overlaying with higher resistance to abrasion and multi-layer overlaying is also possible (respectively 240 g/m2; 440 g/m2, etc.). Multi-layer overlaying gives superior wear resistance.

  • Environmentally friendly, durable, easily workable, hygienic, odour free, easy-to-clean, wear resistant, weather- and water-proof, resists commonly used chemicals.

  • Transport industry, finishing of walls and ceilings, industrial furniture: components, shelving system and table tops, shop fitting, exhibition stands, booths, advertisment and information boards.

  • Panel sizes

    1220 mm x 2440 / 3050 mm
    1250 mm x 2500 / 2750 / 3000 mm
    1500 mm x 2500 / 3000 mm
    1525 mm x 2750 / 3050 mm
    3150 mm upon special request

    Cut-to-size panels and machined panels available in accordance with the customers' requirements.


    6.5, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 35 mm