Nursery Zābaki

Tree plants of high quality

We offer high-quality birch and black alder saplings for reforestation and also afforestation of land not used for agricultural purposes.

Birch Container Plants

In comparison to forest plants or plants grown using forest tree seeds, our birch container plants ensure 10–20% higher quality and, hence, a greater yield when harvested.

Birch Saplings with Improved Root System

Approximately 1 m high birch plants are strong and resistant, because they have been growing in the nursery in the open air for one year. Such plants are especially recommended in areas with potentially dense tree foliage, and help growers to reduce the costs of agro-technical maintenance.

Plants of Other Tree Species

To offer forest owners the opportunity to mix plantations and create mixed stands, approximately 10% of the total production at nursery Zābaki consists of black alder plants.

About the Nursery

Zābaki Nursery was founded by Latvijas Finieris in 1998 and it was one of the first nurseries in the country to commence the production of birch container plants.


Today, the total production has reached 1.3 to 1.5 million saplings per year. The total area of greenhouses in the nursery is 2500 m2, and the microclimate and automatic watering of plants is ensured by the latest IT technologies.


Here you can have a look at forest stands planted in different time periods which are not only part of the landscape and the history of the particular place, but also demonstrate the growth dynamics of a tree.

Additional information

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