Riga Composite

Birch plywood (Riga Ply) overlaid on one or both faces with a special material or such a material is used as a core to improve mechanical properties or visual appearance of plywood. Further mechanical processing, board and edge sanding and lacquering is available, also manufacturing of furniture elements.

Certificates and brochures
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Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products

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Technical information

pdfPlywood Handbook 2017


Policies and Declarations

pdfEnvironmental product declaration – RIGA plywood


  • Riga Composite PPL

    PPL is 0,15 mm grey (RAL 7045), white (RAL 9016) or black (RAL 9005) slightly textured polypropylene overlay for indoor use. PPL 0,65 mm for outdoor use white (RAL 9016) or black (RAL 9005) slightly textured polypropylene overlay.
    Riga Composite PPL is flexible and can be applied in horse trailer walls, lining of trailer walls and ceiling, shop and warehouse fitting.

    Riga Composite TPO

    TPO is grey (RAL 7000), thermoplastic, textured polyolefin overlay. It is flexible, wear resistant, does not crack, resistant to chemicals and UV.
    Riga Composite TPO is applied in van and tent shed floors. 

    Riga Composite ALU

    Plywood with aluminium surface.

    Riga Composite CPL

    Plywood overlaid with CPL (Continous Pressure Laminate).

  • Panel sizes

    1250 mm x 2500 / 3050 mm
    1525 mm x 2500 / 3050 mm

    Colours, overlays and core materials on request.