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Grown, harvested and processed in the European Union

Latvijas Finieris supports and follows the principles of sustainable entrepreneurship with respect towards biodiversity, human rights and international regulations.

All of the raw timber materials used for the production of Riga Wood birch plywood, are of legal origin and comply with the EU Timber Regulation and the Timber Purchasing Policy of Latvijas Finieris. The timber is sourced within the EU, specifically Scandinavia and those areas of the Baltic States, close to the Latvijas Finieris production Units in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland. Those are PEFC and FSC® - certified (FSC®C001599) and other controlled wood materials.

Since 2021, Latvijas Finieris has only sourced from within the EU.

Riga Wood sales office

Latvijas Finieris serves its customers world wide, via own regional Riga Wood sales offices (currently 13) or sales department in Riga. 

Our sales network provides excellent exchange of information between customer and producer / developer / supplier and helps to find the best birch plywood and service solutions.

Acoustic Panels where sound insulation & acoustic performance required

Acoustic Panels

Birch plywood, mechanically processed by grooving or drilling. 

A wide range of indoor applications such as wall and ceiling panels, exhibition booth construction and separating wall elements.

pdf Acoustic Panels, Grooved

pdf Acoustic Panels, Perforated