Anton Olshevskyi – “Rising Star” at Latvijas Finieris Group

22. june, 2023

Each year the Latvijas Finieris Group acknowledges employees with outstanding performance and leadership within and outside their direct work duties. Anton Olshevskyi, industrial equipment and tools engineer at Iekārtu rūpnīca, received the Rising Star award during the annual best employee ceremony. Anton admits that the award gives him extra motivation and energy to keep doing his work as well as possible.

He joined the Latvijas Finieris Group last year and, like a starship, rocketed high in terms of his performance. Many colleagues noticed his extensive knowledge in technologies, his leadership skills and his ability to solve problems. With his broad expertise and ability to tackle problems, he has proved his talents and knowledge to colleagues from various Latvijas Finieris mills in less than a year. Therefore, the nomination was obvious.

His primary duties are mainly related to diagnostics, centering, balancing and other measurements of machines. He looks for potential damage and carries out preventive work, assuring machinery works properly without stopping and the production process is unaffected.

When asked about the most significant challenges at work, Anton says: “There are plenty of challenges every day, and each is different depending on the machine. We work with technically complicated machines, and maintenance can be complex. It requires detailed technical knowledge and the ability to solve problems fast.

Anton is from Ukraine but has lived in Latvia for five years already. In his free time, he studies the Latvian language, spends time with family and repairs vehicles. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in agro engineering.