Latvijas Finieris Green Class competition for pupils

07. july, 2011

Latvijas Finieris in cooperation with Latvia’s Entomology Society organises the closing activities of the Green Class competition for pupils at the camping Abragciems on 11-12 July. This year 150 pupils are participating and not only from Latvia, but also Lithuania as one of the company’s mills is situated there.

Latvia’s Entomology Society Beetle department chief Dr. Dmitrijs Teļnovs says ‘We are very satisfied because data about invertebrates are gathered not only in Latvia, but also Lithuania. We believe that this competition draws pupils attention to old hollow trees and forms positive attitude towards them’.

Uldis Biķis, Latvijas Finieris CEO ‘Knowing how busy teachers and pupils are I do appreciate their diligence and cooperation. It is one of the ways how we strengthen forest sector traditions and develop understanding about sustainable operations that are based on equilibrium of environmental, social and economical interests’.

In the framework of Forest Days Latvijas Finieris has been organizing competitions about forest life for pupils with a view to awake an interest in and awareness of forest sector and forest values.

About Latvia’s Entomology Society
Latvia’s Entomology Society is a scientific society of Latvia’s and foreign professionals and amateurs who study and protect insects and other invertebrates.