Latvijas Finieris Forest Days

17. september, 2015

Latvijas Finieris invites to its annual Forest Days in own property „Zabaki” in Krimulda parish on September 17, when new trees will be planted for the future of Latvia. It is honourable to have the foreign partners and famous Latvian people as participants in the event. It should be noted that the Forest Days tradition continues for almost 20 years in Latvia, and for several years it has been successfully operating also in Lithuania and Estonia, where Latvijas Finieris is represented with production units.

Latvijas Finieris property „Zabaki” is a nice place near river Gauja, which combines the Beautiful and Symbolic with the Useful and Dynamic. Here you can find the recreational trail of Gauja National Park and forests planted at different times that decorate the landscape and continue to build the history of the site. Next to this you can also see an actively operating tree plant nursery which is able to grow around 1 million birch seedlings per annum, with the most modern methods, combining scientific knowledge and research results from own forest properties.

The Birch Program was launched in 1996 with the aim of developing new technologies and reference methods for birch plant growing and forest management, involving a number of partners - forest owners, scientists, educational and public institutions, industry representatives and society as a whole. Now there is a new and ambitious goal - to expand the Birch Program as a platform for long-term cooperation on the Baltic level, creating a “knowledge bank” on the birch trees in forestry and compiling the best practices that would be available for many forest owners in the wider region.

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About Latvijas Finieris Group

Focusing on its core business – development, manufacture and sales of birch plywood and providing related services, – Latvijas Finieris Group is also active in forest management, logging and production of synthetic resin and phenol films.

The global presence of Latvijas Finieris is assured with business partners in more than 60 countries to which over 95% of our plywood is exported (most important – Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey).

The mechanical characteristics of birch plywood have made it a well-known product in industries demanding mechanical resistance, stability and light weight, such as construction industry (interior and external walls, floors, scaffolding, platforms, shuttering) and transport industry (floors of trailers, vans, buses, lining of trailer walls and ceiling, shipbuilding).