Latvijas Finieris Opens a Plywood Mill in Estonia

14. novembre, 2016

On November 15, 2016 Latvijas Finieris Group opens a new birch plywood mill in Estonia, launching products with RIGA logo there. Estonia is an example of how to build a predictable business environment, develop a sustainable, knowledge-based forestry, ensure effective use of land and long-term cooperation with all stakeholders.

Latvijas Finieris investment in Kohila Vineer demonstrates how a modern factory can make long-term contribution to the Baltic economy as a whole, using each country's strengths as well as promoting the integration of the business environment and facilitating cooperation at the pan-Baltic level.After two investment phases worth 80 million euros in total, a world-class birch plywood mill has been created: equipped with cutting-edge technologies and ready to process 160 thousand cubic metres of birch veneer logs per year. When fully operational, the new factory will offer expanded range of products and services to customers in the most demanding market segments worldwide, ensure long-term cooperation with forest owners and process the delivered wood into high-value products, while more than 200 employees will be working in modern conditions and receiving adequate pay for their work. List of benefits could be extended to business partners throughout the value chain, including the state and local governments.

The new factory features wooden load-bearing structural elements made in Estonia. It is one of the largest wooden buildings in Estonia and one of the few examples in the construction of industrial facilities in the Baltics. Being one of the leaders in the Baltic forest industry, Latvijas Finieris demonstrates how to combine historical achievements of woodcrafting with modern industrial production, using the diverse potential of wood as a long-lasting, strong, ecological and renewable material.

To utilise the potential of the Baltic forest industry more effectively, it is necessary to address the challenges in the common Baltic area for creating balanced solutions in such policy areas as forestry, energy, logistics, environment and taxes.

Building Partners

Maru Ehitus AS, Peetri Puit OÜ, Eltech Service, Filsi OÜ, Hansab AS, Clik AS, Termokar OÜ, 1Kelvin OÜ, Kompressorikeskus OÜ, Katusefirma OÜ, AS KE Infra, OÜ Vändra MP, Hades Grupp OÜ, HR Tecno OÜ, Infrainsenerid OÜ, SIA Troja

Other Partners

Raute Corporation, AS Latvijas Finieris Iekārtu rūpnīca, SIA TAUNERS, Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH, Steinemann Technology AG, REFORM Grinding Technology GmbH, Classen Apparatebau Wiesloch GmbH, SIA GP Grupa, SIA V.V.C., SIA Timaks, SIA Intra, SIA Zemitāns u.c.