Latvijas Finieris acquires a birch plywood mill in Finland

04. juin, 2014

Riga Wood Finland OY, a company of Latvijas Finieris Group, has acquired a birch plywood mill in Sastamala, Finland.

This year's goal is to reorganize production processes in Sastamala according to the requirements of the Latvijas Finieris Group, launch birch plywood products under the trademark RIGA and stabilize work in three shifts.

Janis Ciems, CEO of Latvijas Finieris: “After the reorganisation, the Latvijas Finieris Group will continue industrial specialisation and product development, achieving a 9% increase in the total capacity. This will make it possible to offer growth in cooperation and product development to clients in Northern and Central Europe already in the next year, together with improved solutions in logistics.”

Latvijas Finieris Group activities in Finland will combine the Finnish and the Baltic historical experience in plywood industry, creating a new development stage in this industry.