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Latvijas Finieris Birch Program – 15th anniversary

29. abril, 2011

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Latvijas Finieris Birch Program, more than 300 participants were present in the Forest Days organised by the company on 29 April 2011. This year the annual event took place in Latvijas Finieris property Lejnieki, Rudbarzi parish, Skrunda region. Birch and spruce was planted in 8 hectares of former Soviet missile base territory, now owned by Latvijas Finieris.

Participants included employees of Latvijas Finieris and its subsidiaries, representatives from media and public organisations – especially those with surnames referring to birch – as well as former and current Latvian forest policy experts, scientists, woodworkers, forest owners, bankers, students and pupils.

During the event everyone was reminded of the history of the Latvijas Finieris Birch Program and a memory stone was revealed as a testimony of the work done during these 15 years.

In his opening address, Mr. Juris Bikis, Chairman of Supervisory Board of Latvijas Finieris, noted: „While there is birch, there will be Latvia. While there is Latvia, there will be birch!”

Thanks to everyone who honored the anniversary event with his or her presence. Let us continue this nice tradition together also in the future!