Latvijas Finieris

Production, development and sales of birch plywood products and related services.

About Us

The key operational areas of Latvijas Finieris are production and sales of birch plywood, development of new birch plywood products and supply of related services. 

Other key activities include forestry and logging, production of synthetic resins, phenol films and wood-plastic composite overlays, as well as purchase and distribution of complementary panel products. We are also active in machinery manufacture.

  • 1873Mill "Latvijas Bērzs"
  • 1923Mill "Furniers"
  • 1929Mill "Lignums"
  • 1975State company "Latvijas Finieru ražošanas apvienība"
  • 1992Joint-stock company "Latvijas Finieris"

Plywood experts since 1873

The origins of Latvijas Finieris can be traced back to the Latvijas Bērzs factory established in 1873 where the production of plywood was launched for the first time in Latvia in 1909 using a hydraulic press.

As European and International trade expanded the Furniers and Lignums mills were founded and became two of the World's most advanced producers of birch veneer and birch plywood products gaining international recognition.

In 1975 during the Soviet era, all three factories were joined together, creating the state company Latvian Veneer Production Association. As a result of gradual dissolution of the USSR, a significant reduction in production volume was experienced from which the Latvian plywood industry only recovered in 1992 when a number of factory workers united to form the private corporation Latvijas Finieris.

Latvijas Finieris around the world

Today, Latvijas Finieris has grown international with production facilities in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland, as well as 12 fully owned product development and sales companies in Europe and overseas.

Our products are sold in more than 70 countries, providing high-quality, service and tailored technology solutions to customers.

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