Latvijas Finieris – Company with a Future!

Focusing on its core business – development, manufacture and sales of birch plywood, Latvijas Finieris is also active in forest management, logging and production of synthetic resin and phenol films.

The global presence of Latvijas Finieris is assured with business partners in more than 60 countries to which our plywood is delivered.

Plywood is a material with plenty of potential, Latvijas Finieris ambition is to realise it.

Additional information
  • Policy of sustainability (LV, EN, RU)
  • Environmental policy (LV, EN, RU)
  • Communication Policy and Basic Principles of Communicative Competence (LVEN)
  • Personnel policy (LV, EN, RU)
  • Code of Ethics (LV, EN, RU)
  • Policy of Occupational Health and Safety (LV, EN)
  • Energy Policy (LV, EN, RU)
  • Quality policy (LV,EN)

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