Riga Ignisafe

Birch plywood impregnated with fire retardant.


  • Riga Ply (raw plywood), BB/BB, BB/WG or WG/WG
  • Riga Form overlaid on one face with a dark brown phenol film (F I/BB, F I/WG)

Fire classes / standards

It is possible to impregnate in conformity with:

  • C s1 d0 (C class) according to EN 13501 (application – walls and ceiling)
  • B s1 d0 (B class) according to EN 13501 (normally required in higher risk areas such as escape routes and staircases)
  • M1 class according to French Standard NF F 16101 (requirements for materials with application in railway industry)


Anywhere where high fire safety is required – mostly in transport and building industry.

  • Riga Ignisafe is normally for interior applications (epoxy, polyurethane and alkyd paints are recommended)
  • In outdoor use the surface must be protected by paint (water-soluble latex paint)

Finishing material can significantly affect conformity to the fire class.
Painting should be done according to the paint manufacturer's instructions.
Riga Ignisafe must not be heated above 1000C.


  • Riga Ignisafe significantly slows down fire spread, reduces heat and smoke generation, ensures extra evacuation time, thus saves lives and restricts damage costs
  • Riga Ignisafe can be painted and glued


Riga Ignisafe is without overlay or is overlaid on one face with a dark brown phenol film.


Plywood is impregnated with a fire retardant. Impregnation can affect strength parameters; however they will exceed standard minimum requirements.


  • 1220 mm x 2440 mm
  • 1250 mm x 2500 mm
  • 1220 mm x 3000 mm
  • 1250 mm x 3000 mm

Cut to size panels and machining available in accordance with the customers’ requirements.


9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 mm.
Other thicknesses available upon requests.

Contacts worldwide

Latvijas Finieris serves its customers via its sales department in Riga or its regional Riga Wood sales offices. Please select your location and contact your sales representative.

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