V. Kundziņš. Latvijas Finieris. Environmental policy

Environmental policy

Environment protection is a constituent part of Latvijas Finieris corporate strategy.

Environment protection requirements are applied to currently produced and newly developed products, utilised raw materials, consumed energy and natural resources, technological processes, equipment, working environment and supplied services.

Latvijas Finieris is well aware of importance of environment protection and is proud to ensure that:

  • Our forest management system is environmentally friendly, favourable to society and economically sustainable
  • Our products are made of legally harvested timber from sustainably managed forests
  • Chemicals used in our production meet the requirements of environmental directives and regulations
  • Our manufactured products and provided services conform to European and national legislation safety requirements
  • Our production processes, technological equipment and working environment are constantly being improved in order to minimise and eliminate any negative impact on human health and the environment
  • Our raw materials are consumed economically and wooden by-products from our production are re-processed or used as fuel
  • Our energy supply is increasingly based on renewable resources and continuous efforts are made to decrease the overall energy consumption
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