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Green Class

Since 2001 Latvijas Finieris organises competitions for pupils who live in those regions where the company plants birch trees, with a view to awake an interest in and awareness of forest sector and forest values.

New knowledge, fresh air, the sea and positive emotions are the values which both participants and organisers experience during those days, as the closing activities of competitions for Green Class are always held at Latvijas Finieris camping Abragciems by the sea.

Green Class competitions organised for the pupils

2012 - Competition for pupils "Let’s go out into nature to study and learn about air quality" (photos)

2011 - Competition for pupils "Hollows of old broad leave trees - a house for invertebrates" (photos)

2010 – Competition for pupils “Latvia’s forest values” (photos)

2009 – Competition for pupils “Birch in our lives” about birch and birch wood applications (photos)

2008 – Competition for pupils “Birds in our forest” in collaboration with Latvian Ornithological Society and support of Forest Development Fund (photos)

2007 – Photo competition for pupils “Forest is full of wonders”

2006 – Creative work (drawings, essays, textiles, woodcarving) competition for pupils “We live in Latgale” and “Let’s be friends” in cooperation with Latvia’s Children Fund

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