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Forest Days

Latvijas Finieris forest management is based on balancing the ecological, social and economic functions and understanding of forests and processes which take place in the forest sector. Latvijas Finieris is actively involved in all those processes.

Since several years already, Latvijas Finieris has been actively participating the regeneration of land not in use for agricultural purposes and increasing the productivity of existing stands of trees. Starting in 1998 Latvijas Finieris developed their own tree nursery where currently some 1 million birch plants are annually grown.

Forest Days is a well established tradition occurring every spring when Latvijas Finieris employees, together with their families, plant trees and invite local municipalities, pupils and many others who are interested in these activities to join in. In 2007 this tradition was also introduced in Lithuania.

Since 1997 when the company started to organize Forest Days, 12 million birch plants have been grown and at least 5 birch trees have been planted for each of Latvia’s inhabitants. We aim at growing trees and plant for the long term.

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