V. Kundziņš. Latvijas Finieris. Sustainability

The principles of sustainability  

Latvijas Finieris is well aware of the environmental, social and economic interests of all stakeholders, balancing them together creates a platform for company’s sustainable activities.

The sustainability principles of Latvijas Finieris are a proof of the attitude towards customers, employees, cooperation partners, shareholders and society: to work, to earn and to use natural resources responsibly. 

Additional information
  • Policy of sustainability (LV, EN, RU)
  • Environmental policy (LV, EN, RU)
  • Communication Policy and Basic Principles of Communicative Competence (LVEN)
  • Personnel policy (LV, EN, RU)
  • Code of Ethics (LV, EN, RU)
  • Policy of Occupational Health and Safety (LV, EN)
  • Energy Policy (LV, EN, RU)
  • Quality policy (LV,EN)
  • Environmental product declaration (EN)