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Latvijas Finieris is a market driven company that produces and supplies plywood matching well with customers' needs both technologically and environmentally. 12 sales offices in the European and world markets provide excellent exchange of information between customer and producer / developer / supplier and help to find the best technological, product and service solutions. 

Latvijas Finieris sales offices

  • Riga Wood GmbH – founded in 2001, situated in Dresden, Germany, responsible for markets of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia
  • Riga Wood Sweden AB – founded in 2000, situated in Skarholmen, Sweden, responsible for markets of Sweden, Norway and Denmark
  • Riga Wood Ltd. – founded 2001, situated in Kent, UK, responsible for markets of UK and Eire
  • Riga Wood North America Inc. – founded in 2002, situated in Boston, USA, responsible for USA market
  • Riga Wood Iberica S.L.U. – founded in 2002, situated in Zaragoza, Spain, responsible for markets of Spain and Portugal
  • Riga Wood France S.A.R.L. – founded in 2003, situated in Amiens, France, responsible for market of France
  • Riga Wood Finland Oy – founded in 2004, situated in Nummela, Finland, responsible for market of Finland
  • Riga Wood Italia S.r.l. – founded in 2016, situated in Parma, Italy, responsible for market of Italy
  • Riga Wood Holland BV – founded in 2004, situated in Culemborg, Netherlands, responsible for markets of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg
  • Riga Wood Japan – founded in 2004, situated in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, responsible for market of Japan
  • Riga Wood Baltic AS – founded in 2007, situated in Riga, Latvia, responsible for markets of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan
  • Riga Wood Orman Ürünleri San.Tic.Ltd.Sti – founded in 2012, situated in Izmir-Bayrakli, Turkey, responsible for market of Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia

Inquiries for other markets can be addressed to Sales department in Riga


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Contacts worldwide

Latvijas Finieris serves its customers via its sales department in Riga or its regional Riga Wood sales offices. Please select your location and contact your sales representative.