Veneer production history

Traditions of plywood manufacturing began in Latvia more than 125 years ago, during which time there were periods of flourishing activity, as well as stagnation, followed in recent times by a healthy revival after Latvia regained its independence.

During the first period of Latvian independence years plywood manufactured in Latvia and in Riga was well known throughout the world, and it represented a considerable share of the world market in plywood:

  • In 1928 Latvian products represented 7.1 % of global exports of plywood, Latvia was the 4th in the world in absolute numbers
  • In 1931 this number had grown to 10.4 %, 3rd place in the world, behind the major producers Finland and Soviet Union
  • By 1940 the fifteen mills with the total labour force about ~ 3 000 strong, produced ~83 000 m3 plywood a year, roughly a half of this volume was exported to European countries
  • During the period of Soviet occupation (1945-1991) Latvian mills produced mainly lower grade plywood for containers, however in 1970 the total production volume reached its record- 139 000 m3
  • At present there are two plywood producers in Latvia

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