Latvijas Finieris history

Plywood production began in the plant Latvijas Bērzs, which was founded in 1873. Initially blackboards for schools and pencils for carpenters were manufactured at the plant, but in 1909, when a hydraulic press was installed, the plant commenced to produce plywood.

In 1923 the plywood production plant Furniers was established and it immediately became the largest exporter of plywood. A special type of plywood for aviation was produced at the plant as well.

In 1929 the plant Lignums was established, which was the most progressive plywood production plant of the time. It produced 15 thousand cubic meters of plywood annually, including plywood for aviation and waterproof plywood.

In 1975 the plants Furniers, Lignums and Latvijas Bērzs were merged and a state-owned enterprise Plywood Production Union of Latvia established.

At the end of the 80-ies, as a results of the upcoming collapse of the USSR, the volume of plywood production decreased rapidly. In 1991 Latvia regained its independence and revival of production of plywood and glued products commenced.

In 1992 on the basis of the state enterprise Plywood Production Union of Latvia the joint-stock company Latvijas Finieris was established.

Since 1992, using the advantages of its plywood production experience in Latvia, the joint stock company Latvijas Finieris has continuously expanded – the production volume has increased 5 times and the value of sales - 10 times. 

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